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DONE: Faster boots combining hibernate and restart (Boot Snooze)

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Boot Snooze features in CybernetNews today:

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Succinct article.  Always nice when they get it right in a write-up. :)

Great program - I use it all the time and wanted to say thanks!-major4579 (February 06, 2011, 10:48 AM)
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You're welcome.  =]  Welcome to DonationCoder.

Also I have a request, here's the commandline I use to run BootSnooze:
BootSnooze.exe mode=reboot method=hibernate bdelay=0 adelay=5
What I would like is to do my own reboot and have BootSnooze finish the process when the computer restarts. So what  would be entered in the RunOnce registry entry for the above commandline?-major4579 (February 06, 2011, 10:48 AM)
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Currently, you can't because Boot Snooze uses both the registry and an INI file.  However, due to your request, I'll change it so that Boot Snooze uses the registry only so that you can create a REG file of your own to import anytime.  Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks skwire,

If it was easier for you, another way is to add a commandline option like mode='noreboot' which would tell BootSnooze to set up the reg/ini for a reboot as per the rest of the commandline, but then just exit without actually rebooting.

I'm assuming that the reg/ini settings do not have to made immediately before rebooting, i.e., another program can run afterwards.

Either way would work for me - just not sure which would be simpler for you to program.


I think the later version where you
Added configurable delay before hibernating/standby.
    + Added configurable delay before rebooting.
is more confusing to people not very good with computers. I think the simpler version was better. Maybe there could be an extra settings tab/button?

Boot Snooze is reviewed on ghacks today :up::

Boot Snooze, a freeware app by Donation Coder member Skwire, has been designed to bring the best of both worlds together. It combines a restart of the computer with an automated switch to hibernation or standby.
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