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Transparent dock + hide taskbar = no settings access!

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I'm in a pickle.  I'm using CircleDock 1.0 in Win7 and made the program hide my windows taskbar and also made the dock transparent.  All I can see are the programs on the dock now, but the dock has no background to right click on and access the settings menu!  I cant change my settings now!

Anyone have some advice?

Archon of Fate:
I'd trust an admins advice before mine but maybe uninstalling and reinstalling the program might work

Right click on the Centre Button  ;)


lets assume that there is no center button

In that case you'll need to locate Circle Dock's config.xml file. Assuming you installed Circle Dock to your Programs' folder, then you'll find it in "C:\{YourUserName}\AppData\Local\CircleDock\Config.xml". Delete that file - and only that file - and then restart Circle Dock.



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