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:) no individual application setting tho. I use the middle mouse via a keyboard command and give the middlemouse button functions back to apps like firefox, kmplayer, gfx stuff etc.
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Suggestions, or a clearer understanding.
We are always open for suggestions.

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hello :)

A whitelist for apps to bypass circledocks toggle from a mousebutton :) this would allow them to retain their native middlebutton functionality

This may be something outside of CD's control, or a want to program in....I can only Image  :huh:

I use a Logitech 7 button mouse, and have keys programed as per program...

Now this raises a question:
Is there a software similar to the Logitech available for free that will handle the issues similarly????
I am immediately unaware of any, but I will do some home work when I get a chance

xmousebuttoncontrol :)

I set circledock to toggle only on a keyboard shortcut. then i use xmousebuttoncontrol to set the default middlebutton to my circledock shortcut. Next is set all apps that use the middlebutton back to the default in xmousebuttoncontrol

Nice  ;D


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