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One Circle Dock download for every second so far!

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8mb is not such a big file.  I don't think you should worry about any of that for now.. Let's just see how it goes for a while.

Here's a serious suggestion:

For such a beautiful looking tool, the webpage for Circle Dock is beyond ugly.. it's almost deliberately 1980s bad.

Don't get me wrong, the web page is functional and organized well -- just looks a bit odd.

Time for someone to revamp the look of that in Circle Dock style, with a nice screenshot on the front and maybe a quick link to some youtube videos?  

I do not know much about the page, but you are right, but Markham has put work there to be sure, as I have been working on the Wikidot page.

Videos are coming, via Youtube and Vimeo (I finally got their permission to proceed..Yea!!!)

Screen shots will not be an issue in the near future.
I am working on a whole slew of them when time presents itself  :Thmbsup:

Well, all I can say is that I know as much about web site design, HTML and all that stuff as can be printed on the back of a postage stamp! In fact, all that are Dark Arts as far as I'm concerned!

However, at the time I made it, the Wikidot site was hopelessly out of date and the Sarge was not at all confident that we'd be able to take-over that page. As I have a copy of FrontPage, I used one of its templates to put something together. Eighties Retro? More like fifties or sixties!  :D

On a more serious note, one thing is for sure. The word about Circle Dock is spreading like wildfire and pages, similar to the LifeHacker review, are springing-up all over the globe. Pages like this one (you'll need to scroll-down a bit), this Turkish page (Turkish is one of the new languages added for v1),
the Italian sites include this review and there's this American site. That is a small random selection of recently-added review pages about Circle Dock!


You guys are back down a bit from your insane amount of traffic, to a merely gigantic number of about 14gb of bandwidth yesterday.  That's still a huge number.


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