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One Circle Dock download for every second so far!

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Yes, you read that correctly! Each second, someone somewhere in the world has downloaded Circle Dock since v1 was released on January 1 this year. How do I know this? A few days ago, I asked "mouser" (this site's administrator) if there were any metrics they could install on the download site so that we have some idea of the number of downloads and thus gauge its popularity. Those metrics were installed yesterday and as part of that exercise, a file containing raw data for the period ending yesterday was made available to me from which I was programatically able to extract the number of downloads for the period 1st to 28th January - a fairly massive 226,720 and still climbing! If we include all Circle Dock downloads since I became involved in its development, that number is close to 400,000!

From a random sample of IP addresses, it's quite clear that Circle Dock is being used in many countries where English is not the first language from which one can infer that its true, multi-language capability is widening the program's appeal. Brazil for example has four web sites featuring Circle Dock, one of which features a screenshot of Circle Dock's main settings dialog in Portuguese.

Thank you dear user, for downloading and using Circle Dock and a big thank you to "mouser" and the DonationCoder team for hosting this great program. I think you can confidently expect to receive a similar number of "hits" next month when we plan to roll-out the next release!


Congrats Mark! Loving CD so far...

226,720 is indeed a massive number for downloads during such a short period, but have you taken into consideration that download managers these days open multiple processes for a single file so 8 or more "downloads" may actually be from one user?

Archon of Fate:
Congrats! All of you have done a fantastic job with this program, keep up the good work. :Thmbsup:

cricledock is insanely popular.. but i have lingering feeling something might be wrong with the stats -- i've asked gothic to look into it.. im not sure just seems a little high, even for such a wonderful tool.  maybe there is a way we can test by putting a copy of the file on another server like sourceforge and redirecting for a few days and comparing counts?

Maybe total traffic/bw stats during that period can serve as a measurement? (9GB/9MB per download) =~ 1000 downloads? :P


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