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Software support - am I losing my mind?

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Call us with your password and we will enter if for you with our Virtual Administrator Keyboard.

Wow! Over the past week I have been migrating from ******** to LastPass. This is one more reason to make me feel better about my decisioin to do so. I'm glad you have more patience than I. I would have used lots of profanity and uninstalled the software by now.

Your last message should have been your first, (along with the added points that all your hardware is in verified working order and the OS version).

You gave them a far too complicated message in the beginning plus you could have just cut'n'paste your first message into all their subsequent responses :D

the responses are way to "mechanical" to be an actual person
-Stoic Joker (January 28, 2010, 04:59 PM)
--- End quote ---

I'm sure that the reality is that they have a canned set of answers (probably in something like Direct Access or PhraseExpress - let's see if those keywords cause a minor flamewar sidebar here...), which combined with zero desire to actually understand what's going on results in one of several canned responses.  Then again, that's pretty much what the ELIZA program does.  So we've come full circle on AI - humans acting like computer programs. I think I have a PhD thesis somewhere in there.

This is probably not helped much by the fact (and I'm completely making up the assertion that this is a fact) that 93% of their support requests are due to the user having CAPS LOCK on.

I have had experiences with both HP and Microsoft in which I would swear the tech support people did not read the e-mails  that I sent.  They just send a response that has little or no bearing on the problem that I first brought up. 
 To my e-mail   # 1                  send response  #  1
To my second e-mail                Send response # 2       and so on ad nuaseum

No need to actually read my e-mails

Your call is very important to us .............


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