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SQX format for compression

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Carol Haynes:
You could equally well say RAR is a non standard format since it is proprietary. If you want to go for true portability there is only one real standard and that is ZIp which is the only compression format that current versions of windows will open as standard without the need for other software.

I like the idea of the Squuez program where I can view into the archive file as a folder. Comprexx does this do but I couldn't get it to work. I just rather install 1 application than many archive programs - winrar for rar, izarc for zip etc.

Pity rar is a closed format. If he can license creating rar to other compressors, that will be great. Cos winrar isn't really that great interface. End of the day, consumers lose out.

RAR isn't a closed format - only the compression code is kept secret. There's full source available for a consone unrar, allowing it to be ported to whatever systems. So...

i happen to own winrar and like it a lot, but i do dislike that the compression algorithm is proprietary.  i wish we could standardize on algorithms that are open source, that could be used by any programm to compress and decompress.

Zip is old and outdated & not to mention the author is dead. PKWare is just coasting on past glory and eventually something will overtake it. RAR is gaining ground every day. Even the newbie 7zip is making inroads.

I prefer one tool for all my unarchiving needs as well & I chose PowerArchiver. It's got a nice looking GUI, supports almost all known formats, and even has a unique icon for each archive format.

I trust RAR for my data more than I trust Zip....and I trust them both more than some off-the-wall compression algorithm concocted by a code thief.


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