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Yea, I won't be getting an iPad anytime soon

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And I thought i had issues with Apple.. some of you are foaming at the mouth.  :P
This release really seems to have struck a nerve with some.

LOL, I recently found something... do you still know Atari?


well, i'd not thought about it but i read elsewhere (sorry, can't remember the site now), that the iPad follows the usual upgrade path...

wait for version 2 to have multi-tasking.

wait for version 3 to have usb.

wait for version,... you get the idea. which i think hits the nail on the head. apple could have released the iPad version 1 that had everything included - but why do that when you can get people to keep buying the same product over and over again. hate them.

Nice philosophical take on how cynical and wrongheaded the iPad is in terms of openness:

The iPhone can, to some extent, be forgiven its closed nature. The mobile industry has not historically been comfortable with openness, and Apple didn’t rock that boat when it released the iPhone. The iPhone was no more or less open than devices that preceded it, devices like those from Danger that required jumping similar bureaucratic hurdles to develop for.

That the iPad is a closed system is harder to forgive. One of the foremost complaints about the iPhone has been Apple’s iron fist when it comes to applications and the development direction of the platform. The iPad demonstrates that if Apple is listening to these complaints, they simply don’t care. This is why I say that the iPad is a cynical thing: Apple can’t – or won’t – conceive of a future for personal computing that is both elegant and open, usable and free.

--- End quote ---

A more positive (and ominous) philosophical view:


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