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Best trackball?

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i'm with epopuI on the kensington, it's great. sturdy enough, easy to clean (ball isn't locked, just turn it upside down at catch) when needed, and it's comfy for a center-ball trackball. supports macros and the like out of the box too, i think (not using it right now, mom stole it). four buttons and a (non-clickable) scrollwheel.

armrest is detachable, i use it without.

searching other kensington trackballs, it seems they may have some other ones you might like.

they all are pricey though, and if you have young kids they will play with the ball.

[url=]this one looked interesting, though i have no idea how available it is.[\url]

I'm w/ epopul and azgarth -- use two of these.

and if you have young kids they will play with the ball.
-azgarth (January 28, 2010, 08:27 PM)
--- End quote ---

I can attest to the phenomena of at least one young visitor repeatedly finding amusement in playing with the ball.  Lucky for us, the balls are large enough so that finding them is not too difficult after the visitor's departure.  (Hmm, perhaps there was an element of noticing that the user of the trackball ended up shifting their attention from the pc to the young one in question...)

I would suggest either the Kensington Expert - make sure you install the software to get all the functionality, if not it acts as a standard HID.   
Another option could be the PC-TRAC -
or even the Orbitrack -, but that is getting a bit pricey unless its for an RSI problem, in which case cost is not the main factor.

Thanks for all suggestions. I will check them out one by one


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