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Any Portable Tool to make a Portable Application.

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Hello folks,
           i will get straight to the point :P, i keep formatting my PC, every 2/3 times a week or in a 2 weeks time. Due to swapping Vista/Win7/Xp/Win 2000 and sometimes due to virus infection. I already h' an Image Back-up of my Drive, but old habits die hard.... :-[
 Then again i h' to start all over installing all the Application from scratch. MS-Office, Winrar , Winzip ,Notepad++ , Nero ,etc etc...are a must have in my PC. And installing other Programs which i use just for fun ,Pc Tweaking and hobby namely Photoshop Cs2 ,Video Converter ,Music Converter, Renamer , CCleaner , Registry Defragmenter etc etc...are some application i use sometimes,but i do use them.
Lately i m seeing a lot of potential in having a Program in a Portable version.Having them in a portable version seems not too bad. I made some Portables like CCleaner, Music, Video Converter etc etc..and the amount of time and Resource they comsume are almost same/normal to the real Program installed in the PC. Hope u'r understanding. :D
I m using UPX, Portable Apps Creation Master 1.6  a freeware to compress and make a portable version.
But the program.exe residing in a given Folder also contains,help, dll,uninstaller etc etc ....whole files that are created during the Installation of a given program. Is their any other Retail/Freeware version that can make a single exe file which can be launched from anywhere that portable application is.  
I tried making PSCS2 portable but it says the User Registration info is missing , PS is closing now. This is just an Example, their are a lots of PS CS3/CS4 in portable Version all over the Internet. 
Their are some other programs i want in portable version namely DiskDirector Suite, 3gp video Converter,Win Utilities and the list goes on and on......
I see it is good to h' them in Portable version, it can save a loooooot  of time for me  ;D
I reeeally want to h'a portable Photoshop Cs2 , u know how much time it takes to install n register the dam Programs... :tellme:
Can someone suggest tried and tested Tool of the trade for this,

Many Regards: :) :up:

It's up to the program you are attempting to make portable. If it interacts with the registry you can just move the executables into a folder on a USB and run it. If it interacts with the registry, you will need to jump through hoops. Otherwise the PortableApps installer should work just fine. The missing piece is that you can manually delete stuff you don't need before running the install creator. If you don't need a multi-megabyte help file, remove it.

See the post here where I mentioned most of the available tools for creating portable versions of apps.

It may give you some ideas.

For PS-CS2, I'd probably give JauntePE, (follow the 12 step program), a go as it can monitor registry changes during program installation.

The last available build of JauntePE appears to be here: JauntePE

It appears to be a dead project which is a pity.

Use Thininstall. It's pricey but creates a single executable file.

And it's tried and tested.

Use Thininstall. It's pricey but creates a single executable file.-InstantFundas (January 25, 2010, 11:43 PM)
--- End quote ---

"Pricey" is not the word I'd use to describe it.  Extortion comes close.

At US$6050 for a single license it is priced solely towards corporate users and not the normal PC user who just wants to make a application portable.


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