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Any Portable Tool to make a Portable Application.

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Use Thininstall. It's pricey but creates a single executable file.-InstantFundas (January 25, 2010, 11:43 PM)
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I'm sorry, but that is not a portable app creator. It is application visualization. That is a sledge hammer to kill a fly. HUGE difference.

Although for corporate IT folks, application visualization is helpful for several use cases.

Also check out Portable Application Wrapper in the case that the executable is not in the root directory.  It basically launches any other program when it's launched- very useful when the menuing system you use for portable applications adds apps that are in the root of the apps directory.

See the post here where I mentioned most of the available tools for creating portable versions of apps.
It may give you some ideas.
For PS-CS2, I'd probably give JauntePE, (follow the 12 step program), a go as it can monitor registry changes during program installation.
The last available build of JauntePE appears to be here: JauntePE
It appears to be a dead project which is a pity.
-4wd (January 25, 2010, 07:49 PM)
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Thank u 4wd  :Thmbsup: that was a neat thread u started their,  i made quite a number of portables by ThinApp, now that's a Winner App. Its a good deal for a 60 day Trial for a $8,187.50 Program :( and re-setting is not a problem.:mrgreen:
JauntePE looks like a next big thing. Able to run/install Program in a Portable like container, instead the Program being installed in the PC, is really innovative.
 :deal:So far Jaunte was able to make Portable Active Desktop Calender, where Thinstall failed miserably. Both failed to make a fully functional Photoshop CS2, Disk Directoe Suite,UltraISo, ie., with the Option to set Virtual Drives
Anyways the most lousiest of all is the Portable Appication Createor Master 1.6, having to do all the things manually, where most of the time i get stuck witht the Aut2Exe v3, for compiling Script to Exe.  :mad:thats a real daunting task.
Portable Application Installer 1.91  , looks/work like Portable Application Master 1.6 in many ways,,,,,
My friend had a portable UltraISO which could enable users to set virtual Drives, the Directory/File layout lookded as it the person who made it used the FOrmat needed for Portable Application Installer 1.91
For Photoshop CS2 i used the old method, backing the Registry and copying the PS folder anywhere, but stilli get the user data missing: check the screenshot.

Can someone show a tried and tested method on how to make a Portable PS CS2. :huh:


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