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post-screenshot editor, torn edge in between, and highlight lines

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Understood, but I guess I was just thinking of your plugin model where all the post-processing could be moved to the plugin, and this added.  I know, I didn't say that, but I am amazed you can't read everyone's mind  :D
-steeladept (January 27, 2010, 10:57 AM)
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Ooh... screenshot captor would be sooo much better then!  I love software I can extend! :)

Screenshot Captor already has a good system for adding commandline tools which can modify files and SC will pick up on any saved modifications.
I gone this route rather than plugins mainly because there doesnt seem to be too much more a plugin would do.

While cool that you have that, the reason that I as a developer like plug-in systems rather than the ability to add tools is the fact that I don't have to develop a whole framework around the function that I want to add.

it wouldn't be hard to add, however Tuxman's comment reflects something i've been thinking myself.. which is that i can't help but wonder if it's a wise course to keep trying to add more and more image processing features to a screenshot tool as custom code, or whether it wouldn't be smarter to focus on improving the interfacing with other external (commandline) tools.. SC already is designed for this but i could improve it, by passing info about current selection and multiple files.

-mouser (January 27, 2010, 10:51 AM)
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Please add some plugin / commandline support for this kind of task :)

I sincerely hope SC is the first of its kind to provide a organic screen capture engine

I requested it before:

Some other idea to share with everyone:

 * Layered screenshot for standard Windows desktop, even layered for each control

 *generate 3D screenshots for standard Win32 controls:

 * generate SVG screenshot for a window, with text actually copy-pastable (content aware & accessbility advantages), and the color of each control is defined by the system theme color from CSS


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