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Explote a clip from the clipboard

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Explote a clip from the clipboard

I would like to get a program for :

copy to the clipboard a sentence formed by many lines. By example :

Esto es un huracán.
Pero no importa lo más mínimo, ahora bien.
Y sin embargo vuela.
Pero puede ser que no funcione.

Claro está que busca una solución.
Pero no encuentra ninguna.

The example is a clip of 7 lines. The five is empty.

I would like to paste, line by line, except the empty one where I desire.

IN the most flexible way and in any order.  Better with defined shortcuts.

And even with the use of other different clips during the pasting of this special one.

I Know Clipmate, but I don't see for this purpose.

Do you know similar soft ?

Best Regards

Do you mean that the text is in a file, and you want to copy the file contents to the clipboard?  If so, what version of Windows are you using?  If you're on Vista, then you can use the CLIP.EXE that's built in.  On my Vista Home Premium it's in c:\Windows\System32\clip.exe.  Here's its Help:

    Redirects output of command line tools to the Windows clipboard.
    This text output can then be pasted into other programs.

Parameter List:
    /?                  Displays this help message.

    DIR | CLIP          Places a copy of the current directory
                        listing into the Windows clipboard.

    CLIP < README.TXT   Places a copy of the text from readme.txt
                        on to the Windows clipboard.
--- End quote ---

If you're on XP or earlier, try Horst Schaeffer's Cliptext.  Cliptext FROM a file doesn't work under Vista, but is fine on XP; Cliptext TO (i.e., contents of clipboard written to a file) works on both XP and Vista.

As for optionally removing the blank line(s), you probably need another utility.  Take a look at Clippy  (the Web site is up and down like a yoyo) or Boxer Software's TextMonkey.  I hav the Pro version, the Lite version is free but you'd need to check if it does what you want.  Both these would remove all blank lines.  If you need more control than that, you're probably better off with an editor.

I take good notice of all.
I am trying too in the autohotkey forum with cliplines. And work very well at the present moment.

Best Regards

I'll comment.

I have Windows xp pro + sp3

The Three programs are very interesting.
I adopt Cliptext.
Clippy and TextMonkeyLite seem for "clean text". Clipmate has an utility for that purpose.
I'll take a close look to clippy.

Thanks for sharing

Best Regards

The valuable feature of Clippy is that you can set up a hotkey that will run a Clippy action, or series of actions, so you can make your own custom clipboard manipulations and trigger them easily.  It's a pity that it doesn't allow you to install external tools, like mouser's Clipboard Help+Spell does.  Still, it does plenty already.  Even TextMonkey doesn't have hotkey activation like that.


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