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Why Macs Suck

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as zaine says.. mac==toy

Yeah, Berkely Software Distribution is a unixen, and has spawns like Free,Open,Net{BSD}. BSD developers tend to seem a bit more competent and structured than linux developers...

Dunno what the Mac OS X equivalent of a BSOD is, but older versions had the "bomb dialog"...

does anyone know if there is something similar to BSOD on OSX?
--- End quote ---

Yep, Segmentation Fault:


i think rover has some good points as well - there are definite benefits to having more control over the system in terms of being able to guaruntee a predictable experience, and enforce a set of standards.  and you do have to hand it to apple for spending time worrying about the details.  i know some serious people who were very impressed how apple networking stuff "just worked" out of the box.

though i have to say, same people called me for help to fix their network when their mac stopped being able to connect to the network, and my experience was, when it worked, it just worked, but when it didn't work, it just didn't work, and gave very little clue as to why or what you might do to fix it.  this is often the price you pay with such stuff - it's designed to be overly friendly and helpful, which is great sometimes, but can be hell when you really need to fix something.  linux has a long history of being the opposite.  everything is configurable and customizable and accessible, but it can just be overwhelming.  i find myself prefering the middle ground.. though i am not a huge fan of microsoft.  i think i'm in the "every OS sucks" camp.

for the programmers:
objective-c and objective-c++ the oop languages (alternatives to c++) are getting a lot of attention since Apple acquired Next, which were the main proponents of it.  used a lot in mac osx programming.


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