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Why Macs Suck

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The thing I really hate about Apple's philosphy is that it doesn't let you use your system the way you want to. Until fairly recently you had to purchase specialised tools just to open the box. Generally hardware addons have always been very restricted - not by drivers but by the way the damn things have to be fitted!
-Carol Haynes (January 18, 2006, 03:42 PM)
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Note: I am not a mac lover!  Their new BSD OS looks like fun, but I'm no jobs junkie.
Macs are noted for their higher level of stability over windoze systems.  I know of some horror stories from mac users who have installed a really bad program and totally destabilized their systems, but overall, they are much more stable than windoze.  The closed architecture is the reason.

In theory, it's a great idea because you can control the way the hardware interacts with the OS, etc.  In practice, it make for very expensive 'puters.  It also limits outside innovation, which is never good.

Windoze on the other hand, is required to run on any piece of crap that claims to be "compatible."  That's about 20% of the reason it crashes... the other 80% is Bill G himself. :)

For more viewing pleasure, google "three dead trolls" and watch their "Every OS Sucks" music video.  The song lead-in is a little long, but it's worth the wait.  The "Internet Helpdesk" isn't bad either.

"16 kilobytes of RAM; it was good enough to send men to the moon, it's good enough for you and me."

OS X isn't based on linux, it's BSD/Mach. Wouldn't surprise me if there's some NextStep stuff in there as well.

As for macs being more stable than windows, ho humm. I've had very few crashes in 2k and XP, and all the showstoppers have been due to bad hardware or bad drivers; never had a BSOD that was windows' fault.

App-level bugs are another thing, of course.

all Apple did was to add a skin to Linux.

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*ahem*... You meant um, BSD...*ahem*
AKA Darwin

-edit- oops, f0dder beat me to it.

Don't know about the NextStep stuff, I thought Cocoa did all the window management and all...

The funniest thing I've ever heard said about MacOSX: (from our own superboyac)
I hate the bubbly Mac crap, where everything is from happy bubble-yum land, with their shiny aerodynamic look as if it's going to be faster because there's less wind resistance.
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AFAIK the Unix BSD file structure is preserved, just the interface has it's own space there.

kernel: integrated stuff from Mach 3.0 + BSD 4.4 + more.

GUI: cocoa/nextstep -


@ f0dder: Isn't BSD a form of unix? (now i'm confused  :huh:)

@ Edvard: definitely, that quote is great, the aerodynamic part is just a perfect description ;)

But i do agree with you, if i come to analyse all the times that win xp collapsed on me, they were almost all derived from an error i made, or a badly designed program.
Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if there is something similar to BSOD on OSX?


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