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Why Macs Suck

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Pretty fun video - I certainly loved it :P

"mac: crash different" LOLOL
That's one greatly frustrated guy! ahahah
Does anyone agree with him?
I've never worked with a mac, but recently i made a paper about apple, and the conclusion i came was that everything with them is really pretty and stuff, but when you get to the point where you need it to so something, it's absurdly limited... (i mean... who buys a ipod shuffle?? if you buy it, please don't kill me , i only think you made a bad choice  ::) )

I've only used pretty old macs (ie, before OS X), and not very much - my impression was that it wasn't an extremely stable system, one locking app could bring the entire system down. Even win9x seemed more robust.

And iPods - geez. Looks like bad 70'es scifi beige-and-rounded stuff, I can't stand it.

ooh, oooh, look at me, i bought an apple mac, oooh, ooooh, i bought and ipod. oooh, oooh, i don't care what they do i just want to be cool. i'm so 'different' don't yah know.

i'm into doing graphics and stuff with Adobe software so it's almost mandatory that i own an apple mac - but i don't. they are rubbish, so is the ipod. it's not even a good argument - they don't look good either.

oh yeah, as has been said elsewhere many times i'm sure - what's with the one button mouse. duh.

oh, i forgot, Adobe are moving away from the mac and favouring windows - well, it looks that way to me. i can't wait until these 'objects of classic design' are just pieces in a museum.


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