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AVAST! 5 released

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Carol Haynes:
AVAST! 5 has been released (though only English seems to be currently available).

There is no automatic update but it does seem to install over version 4 without problem. It extends existing free license during the upgrade.

The free version still needs to be registered but the registration process is now built into the software rather than having to go back to the website and wait for a license code.

--- End quote ---

See for more details.

Installed it and it looks quite nice - big UI change though.

The Pro version has also been released and now includes a firewall (not sure version 4 did but I never tried it so maybe it did).

VirusBulletin review of 5 beta here:

Being disappointed with Eset AV v4 , I wonder if anyone here tried this Avast v5 Pro (and maybe the new Internet Suite v5) ?

Grateful for any tips/comments on new Avast v5 versus the rest (eg. Avira Antivir Premium)  ?


Nice, thanks for the heads up.

I'm extremely picky about anti-virus (that doesn't even really describe it tbh) and I've found avast! to be the only free one that has been able to win me over so far.

Hope this new update is a true update and not a 1 step forward, 2 steps backward kinda deal like many tend to be in the software world =\

Avast! fan here :) I thought from the sound of a blog-post that it will automatically update itself from 4->5 actually, but we'll wait and see when the Norwegian version is ready.

Anyway, I've always been very happy with avast!, although it has come up with a couple of false positives related to AHK a while ago :-\

If anyone is wondering why they list "Green computing" as a feature pic show why :) Like the opposite of MSE. After a full scan there is hardly any activity regarding files on hd. I have not changed/tweaked any of the open/write/read settings, not yet. I wonder about the difference in battery life between MSE and Avast 5 on laptops/netbooks.


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