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DONE: Req: (Autohotkey script ): auto unzip zip files in a folder recursively ?

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I would like to unzip any zip files contained in a folder, and its subfolders, and its subfolders and....
I was using the freeware unziplify but it does not seem to work well anymore on my computers (xp or vista). It falsely says that my zip file is corrupt even if atfer some test Winrar and 7-zip software say everything is fine.

I am using an Autohotkey script which does the zipping with Winrar command line software perfectly but could anyone help me do the unzipping ?
Here is a 2006 old thread which explains how I still do the zipping :

I guess it may be possible to use an Autohotkey script using the Winrar command line software (so like that I would be aware of unzipping errors) but I am open to any other suggestions.

Many thanks in advance ;)

This would be a piece of cake to write in AHK using unrar.exe.  I envision this having two fields and button:

1) Source folder.
2) Destination folder.
3) Button to initiate the unzipping.

Also, one would have to use the option to unzip each archive to its own folder.  Would you agree?


I like your suggestion skwire. ;)

Thanks in advance ;)

So, are you going to give it a shot or would you like me to write it?

Hello skwire,
 I would much prefer if you could do it for me as I have no clue at how to do that !
Thanks in advance ;)


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