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'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable prog

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Try this :)

The first hit sounds pretty promising - I'm pretty curious why you'd have something added to cmd.exe autorun though, and why it's malformed (missing quotes around "program files" - and why it's even depending on a hardcoded string that won't work on i15d windows versions, when it could do %ProgramFiles% :))

f0dder, DANGGGG!!!

Something called FAR( not Farr) which is one of my favorite file browsers actually added itself as autorun to cmd  >:(

After removing the culprit registery settign that is pointing to the FAR executable, everything has gone back to normal

thanks for the help guys. I was looking for this for couple weeks.

nice find f0dder.  :up:

I was looking for this for couple weeks.
--- End quote ---

you should have known to ask for help on dc before waiting so long.. pride got ya!

mouser, that sure was a big mistake. I am also ashamed to admit that I was using the wrong search terms :( But really up until today it did not occured me that there would have been an auto execution thing at cmd runtime.

Nice find really f0dder


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