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Will SSC work on Win95-B?


Has anybody had any luck installing ScreenShot Captor on Win95-B?

It "installs" OK, but when I try to start the installed application, I get an error message: "The procedure SHGetPathFromIDListW could not be located in the DLL SHELL32.DLL."

FileForum/BetaNews has SSC listed as "Windows All," but they've been wrong about platform suitabilities before.

I'd sure like to replace my Parsons Technology "ScreenShot" with SSC if it's possible.


i will see if i cant fix that.

Wow, there's still people using win95? :O

Sure there are people using Win95. A friend works for a big company who use Windows for Workgroups 3.11 and DOS 6.22 because the custom software won't run on newer platforms (skilled coders writing it, that is  :-\)


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