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Archon of Fate:
Hi, I had a couple questions about circle dock
1. How do you make multiple docks in 1.0?
2. when I use the standalone stack on the dock it disappears when i try to acces the menu with your files displayed in it.
  how do I get this to work right?

thanks in advance for any answers :)

Archon of Fate:
here are some errors when I installed and ran multiple instances of circle dock

Please read the Help, which explains multiple instances and how to make use of them; you should also read this message.


Archon of Fate:
I read the help and i do have the other instance in another directory but i am still getting these errors..
i new with this version so sorry if im frustrating you...


What is your Operating system version and service pack if any.

I am about to lay odds on Vista or Windows 7. I have yet to blow up the images you provided.


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