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FarrSpell - Spelling and Thesaurus Plugin for FARR

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This was an entry in the NANY 2010 Event, but i'm putting it here in the FARR plugin sectin.

This will be a plugin for Find and Run Robot to help people who quickly need to spell a word or look up synonyms.




Mouser, don't forget to list the new plugins on your FARR addons page. I would assume that this is still the best place for new FARR users to discover what plugins are available.

yes, thanks for the reminder.  :up:
if you see one that i missed -- message or email me.

wow what a fantastic and thoroughly thought out plugin!!
erm, I spoke too soon, LOL
I watched the video but it's not working for me. There must be something I have to set up that I haven't done?
I just installed the plugin but when I type fspell necessary nothing gets shown apart from "not found click for web search"
Fspell is installed though as when i type just fspell it shows some text about it.
I am using
FARR 2.98.01

Unlike delwoode, the video works and i see it. Awesome plugin! amazed at how you guys write these things and dazzle with possibilities. Great job.  one donation coming up  :) But. But. I have the same problem as delwoode. same message. nothing happening. Am i to make sure i have some dictionaries installed or something? Win7, 32bit. just install the latest plugin on lates FARR2. TIA


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