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Win 7 XP Mode is Hardware-Dependent

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it should in theory, but the licensing embedded in it may not work in normal virtual pc, or microsoft has disabled that feature on windows versions besides the ones that are supported

The alternative VMLite actually uses the licensed image from MS' XP Mode download, works without hardware virtualisation and doesn't particularly care what version of Windows XP or higher it's running on.  VMLite itself is just a modified VirtualBox implementation.

It's only the written wording of MS' XP Mode EULA that makes it illegal to use it on anything other than what was intended.  There's no inbuilt 'software based restriction' in the image, (unless they've done something within VMLite to explicitly bypass it - in which case I'm sure MS would be yelling DMCA Infringement rather loudly).

I've downloaded all the programs, XP Mode stuff, etc, but like most things around here I haven't got 'a round tuit' yet  :-[

XPmode in Win7 has had terrible performance for me on my new Lenovo T500 with P8700 cpu. Bad delays even just typing text into notepad. My reason for trying Win7, but now have gone back to XP fulltime.

AFAIK, all AMD CPU have virtualization cept the Semprons. With Intel its a crapshoot, with even the same processor model numbers sometimes having it, sometimes not. You have to look at- I think- the "packaging ID" of the CPU to be sure. I notice Dell now mentions "VT" on their systems when they have it.


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