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Win 7 XP Mode is Hardware-Dependent

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Apologies if this info has already been posted.  I had somehow thought that having the Pro version of Windows 7 was enough.

"How to confirm your PC can run Windows XP Mode

Although OEMs have been shipping hardware virtualization in PCs for three years, hardware virtualization is not available in all PCs—so even if your PC is new, it may not have hardware virtualization. Additionally, those PCs with hardware virtualization have it turned off by default, so you will need to turn on the hardware virtualization capability before you can use it."

Stoic Joker:
If it has already been posted (considering it's an awfully key detail) it's still well worth repeating.

I agree with Stoic Joker.  I was unaware that some PCs--even new PCs--might not be able to run XP Mode.  If one is buying a new PC that runs Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate, how can one make sure before buying it that it has this feature?  Or do all PCs sold with Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate have this?

Not all Win7 capable CPUs have virtualization support - Atom CPUs don't, and neither does most Centrinos. Dunno about non-centrino core2 CPUs, it's possible that some of the lower-end ones don't support it... and I haven't looked at AMDs offering at all (except from knowing that they do have a virtualization instruction set as well).

Buyer beware! :), look up CPU model number from the vendor before buying, and checker whether it supports VT-x (for intel) or AMD-V (for AMD). The wikipedia article on x86 virtualization also has some lists.

need a cpu with hardware virtualization built in, when choosing a desktop/laptop look up the cpu
Here for intel processors and make sure it has Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x) = Yes
Here for amd processors and make sure it has Virtualization = Yes

edit: cpu-world also has information about many processors. my old acer aspire 9300 has a cpu that was made in '06 and has hardware virtualization. just shows you that some things that are compatible with xp mode, even from a few years ago


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