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Request option to always check all known programs.


If I run DCUpdater manually (e.g. invoke it as a program from FARR), then it includes FARR and FARR plugins and Anuran on its list of programs to check. But if DCUpdater is invoked by one program, it doesn't list its other registered programs.

I would like an option that whenever it runs, it checks all its registered programs.

For example, first thing this morning there were two DCUpdater notifications in my system tray for FARR plugins (btw: why 2 notifications instead of 1?), but when I opened the DCUpdater window in response, it did not list Anuran. I was hoping that whenever DCUpdater runs for FARR, it would include Anuran in its list of programs to check... and vice versa.

planned and long overdue -- an option to show all available updates when checking any.

Lovely! I can wait for good things!

Added but not yet uploaded.
If you call dcupdater check from FARR, it will still only show farr updates, but you will see a new big checkbox telling you so, and let you uncheck to show all updates.


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