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error software "Circle dock" please, help me...


I come towards you, because your superb software “Circle dock” since Monday, January 11, 2010 does not function any more.
Indeed it dies out, is cut and any more access to shortened but I do not give me there and to add on three levels.
I am to annoy, because I do not make use any more but of him to launch my the most used implementations.
I do not understand why it does that to me whereas it to function very well up to that point.
I am under “Windows 7 ultimate”.
I unite two screen shots which say errors generated during the launching of the software during the ignition of my unity exchange and of the arrival on the desk.

I always used the version 9 alpha then I tested the version 1 which seem to me superb, but makes me the same crash landings as under the alpha version, therefore I do not understand anything any more the whole.
Please, help me to be able to re-use this free software and which is too useful for me.
Friendship with your teams and cheer for this software.

Greetings geekoo   :D

Welcome to and Circle Dock's little corner

Normally I would say that this is the UAC interfering with Circle Dock, but I am at a loss (Currently) as to why it is having ini file issues.......
This is currently throwing me off.....let me see if I can even replicate this issue and get back to you

You may try and run circle Dock with Administrative Privileges, and see what happens

You appear to be using the Alpha 8 version, so you will need to unzip all the INI files from the zip file you downloaded from the Circle Dock website and copy those files to "C:\Program Files\CircleDock0.9.2Alpha8.2\System\Settings" folder.

Version 1.x does not produce this error message as things are handled differently.



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