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Link to FRR forum from the FRR application


Jesper Hertel:
When I find a bug, have a suggestion or otherwise want to comment on FRR, I need to quickly find the forum. This is not easy to find from the application. First you have to open the Options window. Then find Help | About. Then click the link. Then search for the link to the forum down left and click it.

It would be great if the FRR window itself had a Help menu with direct links to "Program website" and "Forum website" or something like that. Then it would be easy to report back, and more bugs or suggestions would be reported (from me, that is, and probably also from others).

Carol Haynes:
Actually this wouldn't be a bad idea for all the DC apps. Actually having a BugTracker link for the app and a link to its forum page win the Help menu would be even better.

+1 including the bugtracking link

agreed - a very good idea.
i will try to add to all dc apps a set of links back to 1) homepage, 2) forum, 3) bugtracker

Jesper Hertel:
Super! :)


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