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Autobahn is a lightweight application that provides accelerated downloads and more reliable streaming video for popular applications and websites.

Autobahn will improve and optimize  your internet connection to improve your online experiance. Autobahn handles download requests from your web browser and applications and automatically improves downloads and streaming video.

Autobahn is currently accelerating all of your downloads through iTunes. With Autobahn for iTunes, you get the fastest downloads of music and videos through the iTunes store.

Autobahn does not use peer-to-peer transfers and does not use any upstream bandwidth.

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Download -
Size: 6.69 MB

In my own experience using this with the MLB.TV package, it's a memory intensive and CPU-hogging pig and doesn't really work all that well.  I actually uninstalled it and lived with the non Hi-Def broadcasts last baseball season.  A quick visit the MLB support forums will bear this out.  I've no idea of its performance regarding iTunes, however.  That's another app I steer clear of.

Well, It can be used to accelerate almost any FLV video found on the internet (as long as the FLV is being served via the HTTP protocol). Also, I've noticed Autobahn taking up less than 10% Processor Usage and 19-22 MBs of RAM.


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