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Can't sniff any packets?

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Is the packet count in the status bar increasing as it sniffs traffic and as you browse the web, etc.?

It never gets that far. It says it fails when auto-detecting the network adapter. Manually choosing it doesn't do anything.

I'm wondering if installing other software (e.g. Wireshark, etc.) somehow broke UrlSnooper? It's the only thing I can think of that's changed since UrlSnooper stopped working. I've already uninstalled all such software and reinstalled UrlSnooper, but to no avail.

Bump, seeing as how you replied to another topic. Any diagnostics programs I could run to help find the problem?

OK. I've found the answer.
If anyone got the same problem as me, you may have to try uncheck the option "Only scan my computer (no-promiscuous)."
I'm not sure it's a right way or not; however, it works under my situation.
So eventually my URL Snooper can sniff network packets correctly now.

BTW, sometimes we must try and try by ourself. Relying on others usually can't get what we really want.

thanks for the great clue willing; i will start recommending this to everyone who has troubles, maybe put it on the screen as well.


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