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What you found is one of FarrWMS's weaknesses. Unfortunately, when a web site changes the format of its pages, regexes can get "out of date".-phitsc (July 20, 2010, 02:07 PM)
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Absolutely. I see that the Google thingy is not working anymore, at least for the calculator. :) Here is an update:

--- Code: Javascript ---resultPattern=(?:<h3 class="?r"?>\s*<a href="(.+?)".*?>(.*?)</a>.*?<div.*?>\s*(?:<div.*?/div>|(<span class="?f"?>.*?</span>.*?)<br>)?(.*?)<br>|<div id="?topstuff"?>.*?<img.*?calculator.*?>.*?<h2.*?>(.*?)</h2>)farrCaption=$5$2 $3farrGroup=$5$4farrPath=$5$1
It should be a bit faster too and shows PDF file results. Enjoy. :)

Thanks guys for the feedback. I should maybe go over all the available searches and check if others are not working properly any more either. I'll definitely integrate your suggested changes so thanks for that.

Hi phitsc any update on this by chance?

Not yet I'm afraid. With <tt>wms !Enable logging</tt> you can enable logging. I don't think it will help with tracking down timing problems though. I'll see if I can improve that.

I have come across a site that appears to return a JSON array as a result (with mime type plain/text).  Is this format of data something FarrWebMetaSearch can handle?


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