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FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

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It is strange to me because IIRC in some of my plugins I use "resolve:%PLUGINDIR%" via callback_get_strvalue successfully.  I wonder what's going on...
-ewemoa (July 16, 2010, 11:40 PM)
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I'm using "resolvefile:". Will check if it makes a difference.

i should be able to fix this if i understand where it is failing to resolve %PLUGINDIR%

There's a minor error in the regex for the timeanddate searches.

<td class="r"> should be <td class=r> in resultPattern.

Also, if you enter "wms timeanddate +sun http:", FARR will crash with a MSVC++ runtime library runtime error.  :(

Thanks Hastur for the report and a warm welcome to the donationcoder forums :)

What you found is one of FarrWMS's weaknesses. Unfortunately, when a web site changes the format of its pages, regexes can get "out of date". The same happened to the MSDN search a while back (and I'm still working on fixing it). TimeAndDate is one of the searches Perry made. I'll ask him if he can check it out.

I'll look into the runtime error, if I can reproduce it (will try tomorrow).

I love this plugin but I am having an issue with onelook. When I am using it it gets stuck on "plugins are searching" and it stays that way for prob a half a minute. Does anybody know why?


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