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FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

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Perry Mowbray:
I'd like to be able to specify local files for searchUrl (e.g. for a local copy of the autohotkey script listing page).

Is it possible to do this already and if so, is there a way to do it without specifying absolute paths?

-ewemoa (February 09, 2010, 05:29 AM)
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You mean instead of searching in a file downloaded from the web, you want to search in a local file?
-phitsc (February 09, 2010, 05:37 AM)
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What a nice idea!  :Thmbsup:

What about the output of a executable? That would be interesting...

It's not currently possible. If not absolute, relative to what would you like to specify it?
-phitsc (February 09, 2010, 08:57 AM)
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Ok, thanks for the answer.

By "without specifying absolute paths" I was hoping for something along the lines of what's described below.  Sorry for the vagueness.

* One idea is to be able to specify a path using FARR's "virtual folder" functionality as mentioned in the "Variable Replacements, Virtual Folder Names, Env Paths" section of the help file.  For example, being able to use %APPDRIVE%, %PLUGINDIR%, and the like as part of the path specification.  For reference, I believe "resolve" described in the "Values Getable by Plugins" section of the FARR help file can help with this.
* Another is to be able to apply user variables.  For example, I have something like the following defined in the [Paths] section of my user variables:


So using:


as part of a path.
* The last idea is for non-absolute paths to be resolved relative the FarrWebMetaSearch plugin (or perhaps searches) directory.
Any of these would help with my portable set up :)

What about the output of a executable? That would be interesting...
-Perry Mowbray (February 09, 2010, 04:09 PM)
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That does sound interesting.  Haven't thought of a good use for it yet though :)


Thanks for a really nice plugin! I needed Google search (strange that nobody has asked for that yet?), especially with calculator and converter support - that is, I wanted to be able to input "50 eur in usd" and get the answer from Google. "50 km in miles" works too. Here is the conf file:

--- Code: Javascript ---description=GooglesearchUrl=<td>\s*<img src="?/images/calc_img\.gif"? width="?40"? height="?30"? alt="">.*?<h2 class="?r"? style="font-size:138%">\s*<b>(.*?)</b>\s*</h2>|<h3 class="?r"?>\s*<a href="(.+?)" class="?l"?.*?>(.*?)</a>\s*</h3>.*?<div class=(?:s|"s hc".*?|"s")>(.*?)<br>)farrCaption=$1$3farrGroup=$1$4farrPath=$1$2
I haven't tested it too extensively, but it is supposed to work. :) I've attached a picture to see how it works.

BTW, since I am a bit new to FARR, I am not sure how (or even if) I could make an alias or something that allowes me to type "gs " and after that it should work as if I had written "wms google " and make a live search to google with whatever I am typing?

P.S. aaah yes, and is it possible to have text in itallics or bold, or different color in the results window? Strangely enough, FARR seems to "cope" with the markup coming from Google - it ignores it. :)

I was just wondering if it could be easy to develop a config file for wordpress based sites. At work we use p2 theme for colaboration and it could be so cool to be able to search without opening browser. I've taken a look to sourcecode, but I can't find a way to search both posts and comments in a single search, as information could be in a reply. Using p2 it doesn't seem like a blog anymore, it seems more like twitter, so searching both makes a lot of sense. You can check a sample site here

I'm getting to addicted to FARR. I was mad looking for Launchy plugins, then found FARR and there is no step back. You, FARR community make it so awesome.


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