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FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

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Perry Mowbray:
While we're thinking future things  ;) I was playing with a RegEx from Lannux and could have used a RegEx Replace function to remove some text first... but that would have to come after multi-stage RegEx I'd think?

Perry Mowbray:
Here's a search for Jamendo: (7.6 kB - downloaded 422 times.)

What is Jamendo?
Jamendo is a community of free, legal and unlimited music published under Creative Commons licenses.
Share your music, download your favorite artists!

wms jamendo (with no search string) will display a list of albums in popularity rank:
FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0


* FARR doesn't seem to be parsing the HTML Character codes correctly (hence the &nbsp;)
* WebMetaSearch has a bit of a functional anomaly: It does not display the subSearches when you type "+" when the search is defined as a Feed. Therefore you'll need to remember the subsearches:

* +Album: Search by album name
* +Artist: Search by artist name
* +Member: Search by member name
* +Tags: Search by tag
* +Playlist: Search by playlist name
If your native language is not English you should probably change the "/en" to an appropriate language  8) (although I've had no reason to test this)

Perry Mowbray:
I've started to implement the possibility to show basic info about searches. Pressing Shift + Enter on a search without search terms will show info about the respective search in FARR's internal HTML view mode.
-phitsc (January 18, 2010, 04:24 PM)
--- End quote ---

Is this working? I can't seem to get it to trigger on my machine??

Here's a new onelook: (0.89 kB - downloaded 408 times.)

This adds the expand functionality where onelook will return phrases that spell out the search term. Onelook suggests "nasa":

Check out the new release: there's subsearch abbreviations, context menu support, custom search help file support, Shift + Enter to launch result in FARR's internal web browser, new and updated searches and more...

And then there's Perry's OneLook search. What can I say: it's just amazing! :-*

Actually, I think wms onelook has become my main use of FARR. :D

Perry Mowbray:
Here is a new version of OneLook: (6.03 kB - downloaded 375 times.)

this one tweaks some of the subSearches:

* I changed match to patternMatch so there's no mistaking the requirement of a pattern (it'll fail if it just looks up a word)
* I've added Context Menus that make it easier to look up definitions of a word that you've searched on, and back again (handy if you're like me and you dig around a concept for the right word)
* Tweaked patternMatch so that concepts can be added after the pattern, in the <pattern>: <description of concept> format.
* Added a new Crossword subSearch: like patternMatch but more restrictive on what is returned.
* Added OneLook's Word of the Day: This lists the 5 top words matched today and then the 5 top words matched the last hour.
I've also added a Copy menu item which should make it easier to copy the results back into another application.

And here is a first cut at a Time and Weather search from (6.69 kB - downloaded 404 times.)

There's no help file yet, so just quickly:

* wms timeanddate will return the list of current times in Country - State - City format. Entering a search term will filter the results.

* Sun RMB Context Menu: Will load information about Sun times for the selected location.
* wms timeanddate +w will return the current weather conditions of various cities around the world. Entering a search term will filter the results.

* Forecast RMB Context Menu: Will load the 14 day forecast for this location in the following format:
<date>: <conditions>
<low temp> :: <high temp>
* Current Conditions RMB Context Menu: Will load the following detailed informaton for the selected location:

* Temperature
* Comfort Level
* Barometer
* Humidity
* Visibility
* Wind
There are some subSearches in this WMS TimeAndDate search that will crash FARR (+current, +forecast, +sun) -- they really need to be hidden: hence the next section  ;)

Requested New Functionality to WMS  :)

* subSearch sorting: I've added a parameter to the subSearches though it can be named anything. OneLook suffers from not having the ability to sort the subSearches.
* subSearch hiding: Some of the subSearches in TimeAndDate should only be used from the context menu as typing the search criteria in doesn't make sense (and crashes FARR at the moment)
* Context Menu:

* I seem to have hit the limit with the context menu. Is that a WMS restriction or FARR?
* The context menus don't seem to be being cleared for each subSearch. You can see this in the OneLook search: the submenus for the default search are carried over to all of the subSearches. I think it would be preferable to start each subSearch fresh.
* Can we have subMenus? I'd like to put all the dictionary type searches into a subMenu (Art, Computer, etc)
* Two-stage RegEx: Those dictionary type searches could really do with a two-stage RegEx Match where the second RegEx operates on the result of the first. I also wondered if a RegEx Replace was possible (would help cleaning up some pages).
* Search Navigation: It would be helpful to have an ability to backwards and forwards in the search results. Sometimes you can not get back to where you came from with the search results, and a back button would be helpful. Something like this:

* wms timeanddate +w: cities displayed
* type "syd": filter to "Sydney"
* select forecast context menu: 14 day forecast displayed
* at this point I would like to go back one step to the cities filtered on "syd" to access the current conditions context menu.


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