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FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

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FarrWebMetaSearch is a generic web retrieval FARR plugin that show results in list mode. It is therefore targeted at web sites delivering list-like results. Results are selected using regular expressions. FarrWebMetaSearch searches live as you type!


Download & Install
Download the FarrWebMetaSearch installer from here then double-click FarrWebMetaSearchSetup.exe to start the installation. I've tested the installer on both Windows XP and Windows 7 32-bit. If you'd rather install the plugin manually, you can download it from here, then unzip it into the FARR plugins directory (usually C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\Plugins) and restart FARR.

Basic usage

wms [search] [+subsearch] [search term]

to use a pre-configured search.

Typing +, - or / after the search name will display available subsearches. [+subsearch] is optional. It currently has to follow right after the search name.

If [search] is configured as a web search, [search term] will be searched live as you type. If [search] is configured as a feed, [search term] will filter the found results. In this case [search term] is optional.

Tip: Type wms ? and hit enter to open the help file.

The following searches are currently available:

* Amazon
* C++ Reference
* Engadget (feed)
* Google
* Jamendo
* Kindleforum (feed)
* OneLook
* Tages Anzeiger Front (feed)
* Twitter
Version history
1.6.0 - 9. July 2010

* can now search local files (see help file)
* New / updated searches:

* google (by Alien282)
* fixed MSDN search
1.5.1 - 11. February 2010

* implemented status bar icons
* implemented two stage regex
* replacing many more character entity references. now supports all the French characters as well.
* New / updated searches:

* amazon and amazonde (much improved!)
* imdb (improved)
1.5.0 - 5. February 2010

* implemented sortOrder parameter
* implemented isHidden parameter
* implemented context submenus
* now supports more than 9 context menu items
* now clears context menus for subsearches
* subsearches / abbreviations are now case-insensitive
* now prints the number of listed searches in the status bar
* updated help file
* New / updated searches:

* onelook (by Perry Mowbray)
* timeanddate (by Perry Mowbray)
* autohotkey (ewemoa)
* cheatsheet
* amazon (fixed typo)
1.4.2 - 29. January 2010

* Now filters for subsearch abbreviations too
* Added some logging capability. Type 'wms !' to enable / disable logging.
* Added %PLUGINALIAS% variable
* Updated help file
* New / updated searches:

* onelook (by Perry Mowbray) - with more subsearches, abbreviations and help file!
1.4.1 - 26. January 2010

* subsearch filtering now matches at the start (no longer anywhere in the string)
* show abbreviation of subsearches (if they have one). e.g. wms amazon +books (b)
* Shift + Enter launches search result in FARR's internal HTML view
* replace more special characters in FARR output (  and °)
* fixed problem with subsearches having isFeed=true
1.4.0 - 24. January 2010

* Shift + Enter shows info about search (using FARR's internal HTML view)
* Subsearches can now have abbreviations ( [Subsearch|Abb] )
* Searches can now define context menu items (see play search for an example)
* Fixed 'feeds not showing subsearches on entering +'
* new / updated searches:

* onelook (by Perry Mowbray) - added four new subsearches
* jamendo (by Perry Mowbray)
* cppreference - replaced with a different one providing better information
* play - added 'buy item' and 'show basket' context menu items
Previous releases:
Spoiler1.3.0 - 15. January 2010

* search term (%SEARCHTERM%) and search URL (%SEARCHURL%) are now available as variables in the resultPattern, farrPath, farrCaption and farrGroup parameters
* search term (%SEARCHTERM%) is now available as a variable in the searchUrl parameter. If searchUrl does not contain the %SEARCHTERM% variable, the search term is appended at the end (as it was until now)
* properly handle and report server errors
* show down-arrow icon on status bar to switch to FARR's extended view (which doesn't handle html tags properly though)
* new / updated searches:

* onelook (by Perry Mowbray) - added name subsearch
1.2.0 - 14. January 2010

* Fixed bug with search parameters defined as empty string
* Updated help file Search config files
* new / updated searches:

* onelook (by Perry Mowbray)
* kindleforum (feed)
1.1.0 - 9. January 2010

* Type wms ? + Enter to show help file
* Added about list items
* Updated help file (still needs better treatment of .config files)
1.0.0 - 8. January 2010

* Changed search behaviour for news feeds
* Improved search. Now gives more relevant results when searching for 'neural control' (and other titles with more than one author ;))
* replace more special characters in FARR output, e.g. © and ®
* resultPattern can now contain the %SEARCHTERM% variable, which will be replaced by the entered search terms
* added new searches:

* onelook (thanks Perry Mowbray!)
* engadget (feed)
* twitter
* changed to TiddlyWiki help file format (although it's far from complete)
0.9.1 - 31. December 2009

* use FARR's launching functionality to open URLs
0.9.0 - 29. December 2009

* First release


* to Carroll (hamradio on forums) for designing the icons
* to Perry Mowbray for his extremely cool and powerful onelook search (and for beta testing ;))
* to everyone who gave me feedback on the NANY 2010 event
<a href="">
<img src="">
</a><br />
<a href="">NANY 2010</a>

I have improved the help file somewhat. .config files still need a much better description though. To open the help file type

wms ? and hit enter

You'll notice that it's a TiddlyWiki file. While that obviously has quite some overhead I find it very convenient to edit.

Perry: %SEARCHTERM% in the resultPattern will now be replaced by the search terms entered
lanux128: I've added twitter. Please check it out and tell me what you think

I have now changed the behaviour for web feeds. As there is no live searching on feeds FarrWebMetaSearch treats them a bit differently. Instead of doing live searching, the search terms typed will now narrow down the results to match the search terms. Note that you'll have to wait until the results are displayed after typing the search name. You can try like this:

'wms engadget ' (currently needs the space), then wait for the results and type a search term

The .config file needs isFeed=true to distinguish it from regular searches.

lanux128: I've added twitter. Please check it out and tell me what you think-phitsc (January 09, 2010, 03:47 PM)
--- End quote ---

thanks phitsc, it works very well. one step closer to twitter nirvana. :)

FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

Perry Mowbray:
I can't wait to try...

I had a quick bash at twitter, but mine needed more thought. With Twitter it'd be good to set a context menu as well, eg to poster, original, etc.

One other quick question: I wondered about a two stage RegEx. I'm working with a page that is very difficult to produce the results in one RegEx, and I wondered about the 1st Regex producing the input for the second?

Edit: I'm wondering if it'd be better to have this more open ended so that multiple RegEx's can be defined, each using the result of the previous?? IE Not just 2.

I'm in the process of changing the onelook search... I'll post a new one later  :)

PS: I love your badge!!!  :Thmbsup:

Perry Mowbray:
I'm trying the %SEARCHTERM% functionality, and I'm not sure it's working  :-\

When I use it I get zero results, when there should be results.

Any ideas?


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