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FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

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FarrWebMetaSearch should be able to handle anything that can be reasonably processed by a Regex. Now to be honest I'm not sure a Regex is the best thing to process JSON.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Results for the current case are an array of 2-element arrays, so look something like:

--- ---[["something", "related"],["another thing","another relate"],...]

Is this supposed to still work? Doesn't for me on Win 8... always shows 0 results

The problem with FarrWebMetaSearch is that it doesn't operate on a Web Site's official API, but instead tries to collect search results by grabbing content directly from a Site's web page (using regular expressions). Unfortunately, a slight change on the side of the provider of the respective Web Site can cause such a regex to not work any more, making the concept of the plugin somewhat flawed.

Which search did you try?

I tried amazon and imdb. Will try more, and see if I might be able to fix this myself  :-\


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