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FARR plugin: FarrWebMetaSearch 1.6.0

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New version fixes the bug reported by Perry, updates Perry's onelook search and adds search and kindleforum feed.

Perry Mowbray:
Looks great!  :Thmbsup:

The only thing I'm (and maybe others) is missing (apart from multiple stage RegEx searches) is the ability to add the farrPath from somewhere other than the RegEx match. For example, either allow the substitution of %SEACHTERM% so it can be constructed in the search definition, or have something like %SEARCHURL% which would be the url that WMS uses to get the data.

Also: Added a Name subSearch to OneLook -- (0.75 kB - downloaded 356 times.)

Perry Mowbray:
Did I say "only"?  :-\

I'd also like to be able to construct the searchUrl, not just add the SearchTerm to the end of the searchUrl.

I'd be happy to be able to do something like:

--- End quote ---

Maybe with the functionality that if no %SEARCHTERM% is present current placement (at the end) is used?

I was just about to also ask about descriptions for each subSearch: but you've already done that  :Thmbsup:

Also: it'd be much better if you can switch to small icon view when there are greater than 10 matches, or if mouser can override the Plugin with FARR setting??

New version adds some of your requests (well, multi stage regex searches not yet ;)). I haven't tested the variable replacements very well. So if something doesn't work as you'd expect please contact me before searching for an error at your end too long.

I've added the possibility to switch to FARR's extended list mode (with the small icons). If a search returns more items than what you've set as max. items in normal mode a small icon is shown in the status bar (on the far right). Clicking it will switch to extended mode. You'll note that this mode doesn't handle html tags. It would be nice if it would at least just discard them. You might have requested that the plugin switches to that mode automatically when there are more than 'max. items in normal mode' items. I don't like that though, so I'd have to make it an option (but there's no way to configure any options yet, so I'd have to add that too).

Perry Mowbray:
No, everything looks like it's working fine.

Here's an update for onelook: (2.31 kB - downloaded 376 times.)

So Onelook contains:

* Quick Definition (Default)
* Reverse - return words based on a concept. Use <pattern>: words where pattern can contain ? and * wildcards
* New: general phrase search - returns phrases that contain the word
* New: common phrase search - returns only common words/phrases
* New: match all - returns word / phrase matches of a pattern (use ? and * as wildcards)
* New: match common - returns common word / phrase matches of a pattern(use ? and * as wildcards)
* Dicts - Returns links to dictionaries that contain the word
* Name - Returns name information about the word
I'm also playing with OneLookType (2.51 kB - downloaded 407 times.):
OneLook has the ability to look within certain dictionary types. At the moment the results are only sorted with the requested dictionary matches on top; once two-stage RegEx parsing is enabled we can make this a little more clear. The dictionary types that can be searched are:

* Art
* Business
* Computing
* Medicine
* Miscellaneous
* Religion
* Science
* Slang
* Sports
* Technology
I'd love to have some quick way of navigating between one search, say looking for a word and then searching for the quick definition. Originally I was thinking of being able to have the switches at the end, but maybe there's a better way?


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