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May be someone should make use of "If you believe this site has been incorrectly classified please let us know." link ?

Browser Defender is part of PC Tools I believe. Also included in LinkExtend so must have some popularity and besides some people will follow warnings without checking.

Thanks for the report -- i'll contact them.

I can't help but hope that these companies that are continually profiting by scaring people away from good sites get sued into poverty.

Once again this is due to Autohotkey..
You know so many of the small programs on our site are Autohotkey, and it's a wonderful tool.

But as this keeps happening year after year, some of my anger is starting to spread out to the Autohotkey site itself -- this is ruining the reputation of Autohotkey, and harming the adoption of the language/tool -- and i don't get the feeling that the Autohotkey folks are treating this with the seriousness that they need to.  We stand ready to help them, but they have to show more of an effort to halt this problem.

I've had reports of people getting blocked for similar silly reasons - jgpaiva has (had?) an autohotkey thing somewhere on his subdomain, and that affected the whole domain, apparently. Seems like it's fixed now, though.

* f0dder sends out some hate to the overzealous heuristic engines.

Strange that Nirsoft is clean normally triggers any AV. At least as "potentially unwanted/risky". He has written about FPs on his blog. Encourages users to write and complain but I also think he hints that unless you are MS (SysInternals) they don't care.


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