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2010 Farr Wishlist

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Well, with the new decade comes a new opportunity to begin again the quest for new features in my favorite windows app :P. So with out further ado here are my most desired features for Farr:

1. Gridmode - the now infamous gridmode is, along with the next request, the feature i would most like to see in Farr. Basically the ability for a plugin to specify the number of columns it can output as well as their values is something i see almost every existing plugin being able to take advantage of. I would also love to upgrade GooglePlus to use such a feature and can only imagine what future plugins might look like. A nice addition would also be some basic html formatting support.

2. Hotkey Upgrade - while i suggested a number of hotkey improvements in this thread, the most critical/powerful single feature would be to add support for a <currentselection> keyword. With such a keyword you would be able to setup all kinds of cool keywords to do things like email a file, zip a file, view a url in farr, etc.. and with all the plugins and aliases available to farr this could be one awesome little addition.

3. Option to remove the current directory as the first result in folder browsing mode. Most times i find it distracting and would love to be able to remove it.

thx as always for such a great app :Thmbsup:

the most critical/powerful single feature would be to add support for a <currentselection> keyword.
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can you elaborate?

I declare that gridmode shall be implemented in 2010.  :up:

I declare that gridmode shall be implemented in 2010.  :up:
-mouser (January 08, 2010, 03:42 AM)
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Woohoo :Thmbsup: Hopefully, that means earlier in the year rather then later  8)

Regarding the <currentselection> keyword basically what i am suggesting is a keyword you could insert into the "Text for Search Edit Box" when adding a hotkey that would be replaced with the currently selected result in Farr. This way i could setup a hotkey like:

igo <currentselection><enter> - which would launch the selected result in farrs internal browser. This is also especially usual because ie can render a lot of different file types turning this into a type of quick view browser where you can have a pdf file selected, hit your hotkey and it would show up in farr!

Other natural keywords could be setup to email a file to someone, zip a file, etc..

ok i got ya. that's easy enough to add -- will do.
definitely a minimalist version of the idea of actions that we've talked about for farr for a long time but i keep putting off in search of a unified nice user interface approach.


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