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Saving web pages

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Is it necessary to have a program to save web pages? Not even web sites, just pages????????
Not in Scrapbook, but as files on your drive?

I just tried to view the pages I saved from my mom's old web site, which is now gone.
As I expected, the images are gone, the formatting is gone, everything but the text and links are gone.
Having zero faith that saving these pages was going to work at all, I saved each one in htm, html, word, & mhtml.
I figured one of them had to work.

And it still didn't work! I can't even show the before/after images. There befores are gone.

What in the world is the problem? Why do they even allow to save a web page when it's not going to work, anyway?

File, save as has never worked for me, with web pages, which is why I saved them in every possible format.

The only one that looks right is the .jpg screenshot I took - which clearly I should have done with all of them.

Is there any way to restore them? Is there anything hidden in the code which would allow me to get the original formatting and pictures back?
Does save as work for anyone? Am I going to continue to have to take screenshots?

Please help, I know this post is written badly but I am sooooo frustrated and mad at myself for not taking screenshots of these pages. I knew better than to trust a computer to do anything more advanced than that.

Personally I use Local Website Archive from Aignesberger Software:

Local Website Archive
offers a fast and easy way to store information from the web on your hard disk. Archived web pages and documents are stored in their original file format and can also be opened with associated applications or found by desktop search engines.

Local Website Archive can be used as WebSite-Watcher add-on or as stand alone program without WebSite-Watcher.

Collect, find and reuse information!
--- End quote ---

There's both a free and a Pro version, and you'll find a comparison chart here:

Do you mean when you go back to save a second version of a page that it overwrites the previous version?
mhtml should open in IE or Opera - have you tried opening the various files with different browsers?
If you save file as Web Page, complete (that's how it's described in FF at any rate), it should save the images in a folder with the same name as the file name - is it possible you moved the html file but left the associated folder somewhere?
I used to save web pages & had problems with mht but not with others

There's a few different software that do this - the only ones I know personally are Surfulater & InfoQube, both of which I would recommend
Surfulater saves all content in a large file
InfoQube gives you various choices - link to images or store them locally

There are a few others (there was a thread not too long ago about which the best but I cant remember the name of it..) but if you want to compare before & after / changes to a site >> TucknDar's recommendation

If there is javascript involved, it might not work when the saved file is opened via file://-protocol.

If you use IE, saving as MHT will grab the whole page and save everything (text, images, css, js). If you use FF, scrapbook will work very well. It DOES save files locally, on your hard drive.

You may also want to use one of the web archive to see if you can find the page again:


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