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ZIP to PHP converter

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I just used this to upgrade a DokuWiki installation. It worked great! Thanks so much to both scancode for making it and icekin for requesting the idea!

The best!!!!!  :Thmbsup:

This is a great thing, thanx
* rgdot just seen this thread

I just tried to use this to convert a fairly large zip file (~330MB) and I got an error:

Error while trying to write the file, aborting.
7Out of memory
--- End quote ---

That 7 is not a typo. It does end up creating a 0 byte file. Any chance to get this fixed? Thanks!

It could very well be a limitation from the server administrator. They can define how much memory php scripts can use, and if you have a large zip file I can imagine that amount gets exceeded. Especially when you use the stronger forms of compression as those take more memory to decompress as well. Maybe you can work around it by compressing the zip file a bit less?


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