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On going theme - PT fails to start


I see many threads on this.  PT does not start or there is no icon in the system tray.  I have installed PT on 3 systems: 2 Win 7 32 bit and 1 Win 7 64 bit.   It starts fine on 1 32 bit system and the 64 bit, but not the other 32 bit system.  It doesn't show up as a running process.  The only thing different is that this system has a quad processor and the others are duo processors.  I have tried both putting this into the registry and the startup menu, but nothing works.  There is obvioulsy something environmental, but I have no idea what it is.  All the systems are up to date as far as Windows maintenance. ;) :(

Hi Flash.

I'm not sure i have seen this problem before.  There is known issue that can occur where the configuration GUI does not detect that the ProcessTamer tray is running.  But you seem to be saying that the ProcessTamer tray utility doesn't even launch.

If you launch it from the start menu, what happens? Nothing?  No tray icon?  Are you sure windows isn't hiding it under the "more icons" button in the system tray?  If you hit ctrl+alt+del does ProcessTamerTray.exe show up in the process list?


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