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Should we experiment with google ads on the site for 1 month?

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Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

As a one-month learning experience, it is hard to be too upset, however all the caveats are real.  The forums we tend to go to are the ones that are 100% sincere, and with so many tech folks making hidden deals even the appearance of back-deals and influence that ads gives any site is a problem.

I just downloaded the hphosts file to get rid of Paltalk sleaze .. I have not checked if that influences google ads... my and looks weres so lean and minimalist I was almost shocked at how much was blocked. (Probably I will turn of the hosts file for a few hours a week just to know what I am missing.)

One suggestion .. if you do google for a month, imo you really have to use their block on the worst offenders, like uniblue and friends, regcure, etc.  Please add that extra effort into the equation, if you allow one visitor to be sham-wared, when a block would have been easy, it is a real concern.

Google-blocks are allowed up to a point, I understand, but not sure about the first month.  I think one idea is to allow block of direct competitors, but it is lightly used in the real world.  I got involved a while back in encouraging Mozillazine and one or two others to be more active in integrity blocking.



Google ads are CPC and many of intermediate users have ad-block plus or other ad-blockers so CPC ads will be only clicked by newbies with no ad-blocker script, so not much earning IMO.

Using openx adserver to host your own ads by choosing which product to promote is one good idea(openx is free as well and you can host it on DC server). Choosing to host your own ad server has many benefits. This way you can filter what products to promote and you can charge per impressions CPM or Pay per view model. In this model, you'll generate enough revenue to keep DC going without donations as well cause DC receives large traffic from US/UK/Europe/Asia so CPM rates are high for traffic from these locations. Either static or animated banner ads will work fine in CPM model.

i think for now this issue is settled, and we won't be placing ads on the site, even as an experiment.  we might set up some strange opt-in for ads system at some point just for those curious about how it would look.

Im Late  :(

Im Late  :(
-paarkhi (May 01, 2010, 08:24 AM)
--- End quote ---

hehe.. better late than never. ;D


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