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estf.ahk (renamed from ExplorerSelectionToFARR.ahk)


I put together estf [1] (ahk, exe) which tries to do the following:

  With a file or folder selected in Windows Explorer press a hotkey to bring up FARR and have the selected item appear in FARR

The hotkey and path to FARR's executable are configurable via an ini file -- they default to holding down the Windows key while pressing "s" and C:\Program Files\FindAndRunRobot\FindAndRunRobot.exe respectively.

It's got some limitations (e.g. it won't work when Windows Explorer is viewing things like "My Computer"), but it seems to work ok for many situations locally.  

Perhaps other might also find it useful.

I heard a rumor that something like this may have been suggested before, but I didn't succeed in turning up the relevant thread(s)/post(s).  If someone else manages to find it/them, please let me know.

[1] Renamed from 'ExploreSelectionToFARR'.

Update: exe MD5: 98b2e29d99d5e7a881efef221d2b8343

very nice. though i don't use Explorer as the default file manager, i can see how this can be useful. thanks ewemoa. :up:

Thanks for the feedback :)

I'm continually amazed by how it's such a pain to get apps to work together -- though am grateful that there are things like AutoHotkey (and its community) that make it at least doable in many cases!


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