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Resources for learning git?

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I can recommend this talk for git users beyond the basics who want to learn about some more advanced (well, not too advanced) git stuff. It's very concise; only half an hour.

Hadn't seen that one.  Thanks for sharing!

Here might be the slides:

FWIW, the fourth side gives an overview of what's covered.

I found the explanation of rebase in terms of cherry-picking to be useful and diagrams seemed appropriately employed in explanations (will there be a UI at some point that allows manipulation of repositories via graphical means? [1]).

In general I found the order of presentation to be sensible.  A bit odd at times where things that seemed quite basic were explained given the title of the talk (e.g. about abbreviating commit hashes), but found it worth watching.

Thanks again, phitsc.

[1] Came across this recently:

git is dead.
Use hg.

I used to use Mercurial, but haven't lately.


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