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NANY 2010 Final Release: Library Management System


NANY 2010 Release
Application Name Library Management System Version 0.7.1 Short Description A browser-based application for library management. Supported OSes Anything that runs Python Web Page
* Google Code Project Site
* Discussion Group
* Installation Instructions
Download Link Download page System Requirements
* Minimum:  Python 2.6, Web2Py 1.74.3, a database engine of your choice, and the Python adapter for that engine.
* Optional:  A webserver with WSGI and SSL capabilities (such as Apache with mod_wsgi and mod_ssl) and lxml and python-amazon-product-api packages for Amazon support.Version HistorySee here
Author Jon Prater

What it is:  A tool for keeping track of your book collection and who you've loaned copies of your books to.
What it isn't:  A full-blown system for keeping track of the collection of a public library.  ;) I wrote this to keep track of my personal library at home.  It would take some modifying for it to be ready for use with a really HUGE collection in a public environment.
Why I wrote it:  Other tools didn't really seem to offer me the functionality my wife and I wanted for keeping track of our books.  We wanted something nice and simple that could do certain things, and we didn't want a lot of fluff.  So it's fairly minimalist.  The features we need, and none of the ones we don't. :Thmbsup: If you want a feature that's not there, feel free to email me about it via the discussion group.

Features (Current and Planned)

* Adding new books to the database
* Searching for books by keywords
* Updating/deleting existing books in the database
* Authentication and user management (disabled by default)
* Adding/updating/deleting information on who has been loaned a book
* Pull author/title by ISBN
Also See project page.

The main page of the application...
NANY 2010 Final Release:  Library Management System

The add book page...
NANY 2010 Final Release:  Library Management System

The keyword search...
NANY 2010 Final Release:  Library Management System

With results...
NANY 2010 Final Release:  Library Management System

Detailed installation instructions are here.

Using the Application
See Getting Started.

If you're not using web2py other than for this, you can simply delete the web2py folder from your disk.  Otherwise, the site admin page has an uninstall link to remove applications.

Known Issues
The lxml and python-amazon-product-api packages must be installed in Python to use the Amazon lookup features.  Links to download them will be added to the project site.

Final Release status!  :eusa_dance:

Nice work, jpprater.  My wife and I own a TON of books so I'll give this a shot.

Nice work, jpprater.  My wife and I own a TON of books so I'll give this a shot.
-skwire (December 31, 2009, 07:16 PM)
--- End quote ---
:D Thank you!  I need to write an actual user manual for it to post on the wiki, but I'm very proud of what I've produced so far.


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