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NANY 2010 Emergency Release: j2key


NANY 2010 Entry Information
Application Name j2key Version 1.0 Short Description Maps joypad/joystick to keys Supported OSes WinALL Web Page none Download Link  System Requirements
* A computer
* A joystick/joypadVersion History
* 1st release. Should work.Author scancode

Yup! I did it again! I managed to totally screw my NANY release and am putting up a different app.
This is a small autohotkey app that lets you map your typical 10-button joypad (think dualshock clone) to keyboard keys.
Nothing too fancy, but if you open the thing up you'll see it's pretty easy to solder buttons.
I used to use this when doing kiosks (is far easier than mapping a keyboard).

Maps joystick buttons to keyboard presses.

Planned Features
A GUI, a non-fixed number of buttons.

No UI, so no screenies :(

Edit the ini in your favourite text editor, run the exe.

Using the Application
Press buttons on your joystick, see the magic happen

Format your hard drive, or delete the exe and ini files.

Known Issues
A maximum of 10 buttons are supported.

attached rar is bad?

attached rar is bad?
-mouser (December 31, 2009, 08:55 PM)
--- End quote ---

Should be fixed.

program runs but i cant really test it of course. I can see how it would be useful though if you did.


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