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Quasi Post-It note utility?

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PowerPro is nice for a lot of things, but it's a bit clunky for this purpose.

While using the app, I'll never know what window I'll be dealing with until it's there.  If it's not in the PowerPro list, I'll have to take time - that I might not have - right then to add it.  I've also seen times in the past when PowerPro had difficulty identifying some windows.

Although, the Stickies app that I'm testing right now has some of that clunkiness, as well.  In order to attach a note to a window, it must be selected from a list produced by a right-click menu.  Would be much better if I could just select Attach from the menu, then click the window to which the note should attach.

Also would be nice if the note would attach to the document, not the note, i.e., the note would show up on a web page regardless of the browser used.  As it is, the note seems to attach to the browser/page combination.

Both Stickies and NoteZilla work well and do what they say; both can be used as portable progs. Both have pretty responsive developers, so you can always approach them with suggestions. It's just a question of checking which you prefer, whether Notezilla is worth the cost if you do prefer it.


I currently use Magic Notes which is $19.95, mostly as I've been using it for years.  Recent versions can attach to specific windows, but I haven't tested this feature much.  The main thing I don't like about MN is that every note is a hidden window, so if you lose some other window and have to go and find it, you're apt to have horse's work to do so.

Tom Revell who wrote Stickies is very helpful, so it's worth contacting him.  And, as you're a DC charter member, DC discounts are available to you.  The "Specials" page still lists the 30% discount on Notezilla as active.  Notezilla has had some happy comments on DC in the past.

I'd be interested to hear if you ever do find your original application, though.

Sorry I took so long to get back to this.

I've been using Stickies.  After a rather stupid question to the author, I've found it to do almost everything I want.

Sidebar:  RTFM is incomplete ... it should be RATFM, with the A standing for All  :-[.

Stickies offers the * wild card character for the attachment, so with a bit of judgement, I can see the same note attached to a Web page in any browser, in any IDE or editor.  This is a Godsend when I'm editing PHP or CSS script and don't quite recall why I wanted to make a change, or, perhaps, all the changes that need to be made.  Since it pretty much fulfills my needs, I've not bothered to test anything else.  That may happen in the future, but for the nonce, Stickies works for me.

Oh, yeah, it can be made portable, so working on Web script on another machine is feasible.

I am a big fan of Notezilla and use it as an auxiliary hard disk for my brain. My whole life is stored in it and I automate a lot through it.

There is a lot of info about it if you search the forum, including a review, a DC members only discount, and my story about how I came to use it.

It was one of the best software purchases I have made in years.

For a comprehensive list of all the sticky notes applications that exist for Windows, take a look here.


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