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Quasi Post-It note utility?

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Back in the days of 98/98SE, I had a small utility that let me make quick notes about documents in almost any application.  If I was on a Web page, I'd store a comment - that comment would be resurrected if I revisited that page.

If I was reading a PDF and made notes, they would be would be recallable the next time I opened that PDF.

Same thing applied for almost every application I opened.  It even recalled notes I'd made on specific emails, whether Outlook, Pegasus, or HotMail.

It didn't work on every application, just on most ... I think it used the window title to identify notes, but not certain of that.

When I upgraded to Win2K, the little app came right along & worked just fine, to my surprise and delight.

Somewhere in the process of upgrading to XP, the app got lost in the shuffle, and I'd forgotten the name  :(.

Does anyone know the name of that little app, or perhaps know of one with similar functionality?

Basic functionality would be

* local storage
* small footprint
* automatic date/time (on/off selectable)
* adjustable font, colours, etc.
* editable after save
* printable list, selectable/sortable by tag(s) (preferred, but not required)
* portable (convenient but not requisite)With the exception of portability, that's the list of capabilities that I recall.

The way it worked
While resident, it would place another element in the title bar of the active application, just to the left of the minimize symbol.  When that element was clicked, it would open a note window with existing notes, if any for that particular document, otherwise empty.  The note window had three options; Save, Cancel, Delete.  From the app itself, you could view notes, edit notes, print notes sorted/selected by tag, configure note appearance, export notes (also selectable by tag), or exit the app.

That's all I can recall about it.  It was extremely useful for quick product reviews, document suggestions w/o doing direct edits, & general brainstorming.  It was also great for keeping track of suggestions/corrections to my VB/database applications.  I suspect it was coded with VB or Turbo Pascal/Delphi, but don't know that to be factual.

Anybody recall this little app?  Or, perhaps, know of something similar?

That sounds like an incredibly cool and useful tool. I'd love to know about a similar app today as well.

- Oshyan

Found two that may be it.

One free, I had to read the features, and it says it can be done.

And this one for $20 claims the ability.

JavaJones -
Incredibly useful is right - saved my butt more than once when I was doing local development @ MCI.

cmpm -
Thanks.  The $20 app (QNP) has been updated to NoteZilla - with another sawbuck tacked on.  Worth it if it performs.

Downloaded the trial version - 30 or 45 day trial - and also the Stickies from the 1st link you provided.  Testing the Stickies app now ... kinda clunky interface, but it does seem to perform as advertised.  I've established notes for an email in Gmail, a Web site, and a script in Komodo.  Each disappears when I change focus or change documents, albeit response seems somewhat slow.

I'll keep plugging away, get a better read on performance and functionality, then post my results back here.  Figured I'd give Stickies a week, then do the same for NoteZilla.  I'd prefer free, of course, but NoteZilla's price is not outrageous if it outperforms Stickies.  'Preciate the links, btw:  hadn't run across either app in my searches ... maybe I need to take a course in search?

Quote from PowerPro's help file:

showing Notes when specified programs or documents are active

You can arrange for notes to be shown only when a program or a document is the foreground window. To do this, you first check "Show !captionlist category matching active" on the Setup >Advanced >Notes. You should then restart PowerPro. You then have to create and assign a special category for notes you want to depend on the active window.

The category name must start with an exclamation mark (!) and take the form:  !captionlist  where the caption list is set to match the programs or documents for which the note is to be shown.

Document matching assumes the document name is placed in the window caption and the caption list is used to match that caption. Use a + instead of an * for the caption wildcard (since categories are stored as folder names and Windows does not allow * in folder names).

For example, notes with category:  !=winword,=notepad
would appear whenever MS Word or Notepad programs were active.

For example, notes with category:  !Microsoft excel+mysheet.xls
would appear only when a caption starting with Microsoft Excel and ending in mysheet.xls appeared on the active window.
--- End quote ---

Gotta love PowerPro!  :Thmbsup:

Edit: maybe this forum link will help too.


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