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Cache My Work: reopen your Apps after reboot

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True, in-app "state saving" is probably the best way to go.

- Oshyan

So...has anyone coined a nice short phrase or word to describe this functionality?  :)

Resumable?  Hmm, perhaps that suffers from similar potential confusion like that generated by "portable"...

I guess there is already the idea of "sessions".

That's a good question.  Resumable is the best I can think of, but it doesn't capture the idea of restoring the previous working state of the application.

I looked around on Free Thesaurus for a while but couldn't find anything better.

Since FF is widely known [1] and has something close [2] (if not adequate) and they seem to call it "Session Restore", may be that's not a bad choice...especially when asking developers and companies to support the functionality :)

Even nicer would be multiple sessions -- didn't K-Meleon have something like this?

[1] It is, isn't it?
[2] Didn't know you could do about:sessionrestore in FF...

Session restore is much better than resumable.

I didn't know about about:sessionrestore either.  Cool!


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