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Batch photo filter software?

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CPU hits about 10% when it's first initialised but then drops to 0% after a few seconds.  The Select and Use filter dialog doesn't close, the whole program just becomes unresponsive.

Like they're waiting for a result signal back from the filter but not getting it.

Whereas, RealWorld Paint.COM runs the filter, CPU load hits about 30%, and returns with the modified image a minute later.

8bfw is the file extension of photoshop filters*
-tomos (December 29, 2009, 04:38 PM)
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Thanks, tomos!  Clearer now  :)

Infranview will exactly works for your requirement..try that software

Infranview will exactly works for your requirement..try that software
-shobazi (January 01, 2010, 07:56 PM)
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Already tried, see first post - it doesn't work with this filter.

here's the filter or program
it's not anywhere current that i could find*/

copy - paste the whole line to get to the listings


this program takes a while to download
is now free, was $60, but it could be obtained even then for free at times

the site's links are slow to load, figure they backshelved it
but it's still there and i did read that it can handle the filter
maybe, maybe not  ???
good luck, it takes a while to install if you want to try


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